ACRYLAC QX 700 – Premium, high impact

Weather resistant, premium surface finish, glossy, high impact custom sheet

Homologated by many OEM, our impact resistant acrylic capped high impact ABS, QX 700, is an excellent solution for demanding outdoor applications. Its high gloss, high specs surface finish and matching colors gives QX700 the perfect characteristic for first class thermoforming piece.

Acrylac QX700 sheets are obtained through an extrusion process of ABS layers (copolymer of ACRYLONITRILE, BUTADIENE and STYRENE) and PMMA (polymer of METHYL METHACRYLATE). This selection of materials creates a composite sheet featuring very good mechanical strength, good rigidity and excellent physical properties. The PMMA layer gives the product an excellent appearance, high resistance to abrasions and protection against UV rays in outdoor applications, thereby slowing down aging and changes in color. The good chemical resistance of the materials used for component assembly makes it particularly suitable for use in the caravan, transport and construction industries. The sheets are extruded in a vast range of colors, smooth and in different embossing

Available finishes

Napoli (GB)
Catania (GD)
Rimini (GE)
Torino (GF)