MP3 USA Inc. is the American branch of MP3 Srl, an ILPA Group company, the Italian leader in the plastic sector.

MP3 was founded in 1978 and since its establishment, the company has specialized in the supply of plastic semi-finished products for thermoforming (PS, PP, PET, ABS and ACRYLIC CAPPED ABS).

In 1991, the ILPA Group incorporated MP3 as one of its divisions, expanding production and giving it an international presence. Then, in the 2000s, the company invested more in quality and obtained national and international certifications, such as as ISO 9001-2015 and BRC PACKAGING, which are renewed every year with increasingly better results.

The current production plant, near Bologna, Italy, was inaugurated in 1998 covering 860,000 square feet with the most modern equipment. Production capacity is 78,000 M.Tonne/year, which 72% are exports. A considerable amount of space within the facility is dedicated to raw material storage, which allows MP3 to be extremely competitive even with the most demanding logistic and production needs of its customers.

Environmental responsibility

Furthermore, Environmental responsibility and awareness are at the center of MP3 and ILPA Group policies and strategies. In 2012, ILPA acquired 100% control of AMP Recycling, a company that has a long tradition in processing plastic material. This allows the company to integrate the thermoforming and extrusion activities with a noteworthy plastics recycling plant dedicated to the recovery of PET originating from differentiated waste collection, guaranteeing a more circular economy.