Other Applications

The fact that the mechanical and aesthetic properties of the styrenic materials can be customised, makes our materials suitable for a great number of different technical applications.
Below some examples of applications


The HIPS and ABS/PMMA sheets are ideal for the construction of display systems both for retail and wholesale trade. Easy to thermoform and supplied in a wide range of colors, they are used for single display cases or more complex systems like, for example, entire equipped walls.

Suggested materials

Industrial cabins

All transparent products of the VISTA series can be used for the creation of soundproof windows for industrial cabins and rest areas for workers.

Industrial packaging

Styrenic products offer an excellent combination of good rigidity at an affordable price. Manufacturers select our materials to produce a wide variety of "technical" items such as industrial pallets, conveyor belt trays and the like.

Suggested materials

Technical applications

Manufacturers from a wide variety of sectors have found our sheets to be competitive and performing for the most demanding applications, for example in the energy and heavy-duty industries.

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The toy industry appreciates our customized colors, strong resistance, and lightweight features. The structural strength of these sheets makes the difference in the production of pedal or electric cars as well as other types of toys.

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